Introducing Captured by Carley Beauty Sessions with Fusion Clips

I have so much fun with Glamour sessions, so I have been spending a lot of time perfecting my skills in this genre.

Glamour can scare people away thanks to those cheesy shopping center studios from the 80’s and 90’s so it is my mission to remind people that glamour photography isn’t that way anymore.

Glamour sessions are an experience. Ladies take them time for themselves and remember they are beautiful.

As time goes by, life tends to take priority and we forget that we are ourselves before being a wife, mum, partner, student etc.

These brave ladies were my first clients happy to share their experiences to help others see what is involved in a

Captured by Carley Beauty Session.

I thank them so very, very much and hope their bravery helps someone else take that first step towards taking some time out for themselves.


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