Introducing Jo {Clarence Valley Glamour Photography}

My first interaction with Jo was her entry in my Mothers competition:

“I’ll use this as an excuse to show my husband I’m not just mummy material, but still wife material too!! I’ve heard you’re some kind of miracle worker so hopefully you could make even this Vegemite covered, hair disheveled, stressed mummy, look slightly attractive with the right lighting?!! ;-)

When her number was drawn for 2nd place I was very excited to meet her as I also have many ‘vegemite covered’ days and I couldn’t wait to bring out her beautiful and remind her of it.

Time got closer and I was told by mutual friends she was nervous. This is understandable. It is a big thing to take the step outside your square and take time for yourself, but, she was brave and arrived for her appointment and slowly she was transformed.

Over time the hands stopped wringing and by the end of the session she was glowing and thankful I told her she should arrange a babysitter that afternoon.

Thank you Jo for giving me the chance to remind you, you are not just mummy material xx

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