The end of school but the beginning of a new journey

It’s that time of year when school is coming to an end for many teenagers/young adults.
I remember my last few weeks of school.
* making decisions on where to go from here,
* study for the HSC,
* wonder if my friends and I will drift apart,
* what dress will I wear to my formal,
* who will take me and the list goes on…..
Has this happened in your household the last few weeks?
I love seeing the formal photos in the newspapers. The range of dress colour and designs have not changed since my days.
Back then (1998 not the stone ages!) the internet, let alone internet shopping was very new so there was always the risk of someone else having the same dress or shoes or accessories as you.  At my formal one girl had a very similar dress as me and another girl had the exact same shoes I was wearing but it really didn’t matter. This was our time to let our hair down and enjoy the last few weeks being a ‘child’ and not having to face the real world just yet.
The day and night of the formal went by so fast. We had our graduation, then rush off to get hair and make up done, then rush back to Maclean to pick up more people and then finally make it to the formal. The night passed in a blur and then it was over. My dress was cleaned and put away to wear again some day.
I finished my HSC and it was decided I would move to the city. I still remember the day I left. My mum was heartbroken. She tried to keep a stoic face but I knew her too well. Within hours I had packed the car and I was on my way. Little did I know how much life was to change and I would never get to enjoy being a daughter living at home the same again.
Are you about to go through the same scenario?
Are you the parent about to lose your child to the big wide world?
Or are you the child about to take those first steps into adulthood?
Either way have you captured this moment? Have you got photos to look back on and remember how it was and how unnerving it felt?
Once your HSC stress is done with why not book a session.
Parent & child, your group of friends, dress up in your formal dress again or just because you want this moment captured, so when you are the parent you can show your child your story ❤
And after all that do you know what happened to my dress that I loved and swore I would wear again? I never did. I carried it with me for years and in the end I sold it in a garage sale. Don’t let yours not be worn again! 🙂
This is me in my dress & me and my best friend. She is still my best friend 15 years later xx

Maclean High School Formal

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