The Wet but Wonderful day of Mr & Mrs Jackson {Iluka Wedding}

Ask any bride what she fears most on her wedding day and a few will answer with ‘rain’.

Living on the coast, the beach and it’s beautiful headlands around Iluka, Yamba and Broomes Head offer fabulous backdrops for your special day. Of course if the weather chooses to behave!

It rained on my wedding day. I ended up getting married in the hallway of the Moby Dick Motel but I wasn’t worried. I was marrying my love and that was all  that mattered. As cliche as it sounds 🙂 When we said our vows the rain cleared and sunshine came radiating down, just in time for our photos.

I was told many times that rain on a wedding day was good luck and I am still married after 7 years so I take it as a good omen!

 Erin and Matts wedding reminded me of my big day. Having a wedding planned on the beach when it had been a week of never ending storms and downpours would have some brides pulling there hair out!

But not this couple.

While the bride was getting ready, there were small rumbles of thunder but nothing too dramatic.

Once I left the bride and headed to the ceremony it was grey but no rain.

Once I got out the car at the ceremony, bang………

It poured.

I was already out and loaded up with my gear so there wasn’t much to do but juggle an umbrella and my gear and hide under a tree. Thankfully a kind gentleman helped me out  by holding the umbrella for me and we had a chat while waiting for the bride to arrive.

Slowly the rain started to ease just as the bride arrived. As you will see from the photos it was wet but the sky was AMAZING and I love the range of light and look it offered throughout the ceremony.

Erin and Matt, thank you so much for choosing me. I loved being a part of such an easy going, beautiful wedding. The rain didn’t help much with some parts but you were amazing and hope neither of you caught colds afterwards!

I wish you both a long and happy life together 🙂

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