Miss T {Maclean Glamour Boudoir Photographer}

Having a photo shoot, that is based all about you, can be a daunting task.

Body issues, stepping outside ‘the norm’, cost issues, etc all factor in.


Once these factors are registered, then pushed to the back of the brain, excitement hits.

Scared excitement.

Then the session starts, it turns to nervous excitement

Then you get to see your photos and it turns to normal good old fashioned AHHH excitement!

This lovely lady had her session but was a little worried about her photos being seen in public, so, as I do for any session that asks, they were kept private.

Until she saw them and I think realised they weren’t as scary and risque as one can imagine.

So now I have permission to share a select few from this session.

Thank you so much T. Hoped he liked them 😉

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