Sensual Boudoir Session in Captured by Carley Maclean Studio

Boudoir photography.

It is a way of capturing woman at their most sensual.

 Unmasking the inner allure that hides in us all.

You do not have to be naked.

It is about bringing the natural sexiness out of the client rather than dressing them (or undressing for that matter) and making them into what is perceived as sexy.

Please meet C. She is a Youth Worker and was worried that having a boudoir shoot would be too revealing. Especially if people within her work saw them.

C now knows that sexiness can be captured without showing a lot of skin. She ‘loved getting her hair and make up done and seeing the end result. Carley coached me through every step and made me feel really comfortable.’

When C saw her photos for the first time she ‘was so happy and amazed how much I loved them. It helped boost my confidence’

Thank you so much C for being a part of the Captured by Carley experience. Especially risking the rain so we could try something different! 🙂

HAIR by Nardeen Brossman, Hair on The Channel  66460179 / 0423003146

MAKE UP by Tracey Skinner, Traceys Tips N Toes (Zig Zag Salon, Yamba) Phone:  0407 581 264

storyboard001 storyboard002 storyboard004 storyboard005 storyboard006 storyboard007 storyboard008 storyboard009 storyboard010

Do you want to be brave and gain some confidence? Drop me an email and we can start to plan your session tailored to you!


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