Do you exist in photos for your children? The Bond of Mother & Child

When your children dig out that box of photos you have in the cupboard how many are of you?
Us mums are usually the ones always taking the photos so we tend to get lost. Unless we manage to snap a quick selfie or bribe hubby/child to take a pic. Which is usually unflattering or blurry or cut your head off!
Either way we need to stop, at least once in a lifetime and take some time out for ourselves.

We need to exist in photos for our children. For our family. For our loved ones.

Introducing Melinda and Maree.
Mother and Daughter.
Nanny and Mummy.

A mothers day gift that will last a lifetime.
An experience they will always remember.
Getting time to relax and be pampered.
Then have some fun in front of the camera.

At their reveal session of their photos I will say there were a tear or two shed by a few people in the room.
I remember Melinda saying that she didn’t expect the emotional response it would bring on.

I loved being a part of their family history ❤

Melinda is the fabulous Creative Brain for Wildflower Wanderings. Beautiful, natural designs for all occasions xx storyboard012


storyboard003 storyboard007 storyboard008 storyboard006 storyboard002 storyboard010


Would you like something to treasure like this?



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