The Birth of Baby Eva {Lismore Birth Photographer}

Here I sit on little Evas first birthday and I can’t believe how fast the last year has gone.

I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph the birth of Evas big sister several years ago and I was excited when I was asked to do it again.

All was going well with Eva growing comfortably in her mums tummy and we taking bets on how overdue she would be.
3 weeks to go and suddenly bub seemed smaller than Dr’s like so all plans went out the window and it was decided bub was to be born ASAP.
I arrived at hospital early in the morning and mummy was already starting to contract just from a S&S.
Her waters were broken at 9 and then the process started in earnest.
Around lunchtime it was suspected to take a few more hours but little Eva had ideas of her own and by 1pm she was born.
Happy, healthy and very much a little girl much to the surprise of mum and dad! They hadn’t found out bubs sex but were sure it was a boy.

Teeny tiny baby girl at a whole 5 pound, 3 ounces.

A new baby sister for a very excited and proud big brother and a baby sister for a big sister that loves her but didn’t want to touch her while she was messy hehe.
Thank you so much Abbey and Don for letting me capture such priceless moments ❤

CbC_Online-1 Lismore birth suite Lismore Base Hospital CbC_Online-5 CbC_Online-7 CbC_Online-8 CbC_Online-9 CbC_Online-10 CbC_Online-11 CbC_Online-12 CbC_Online-13 CbC_Online-14 CbC_Online-15 CbC_Online-16 CbC_Online-17 CbC_Online-18 CbC_Online-19 CbC_Online-20 CbC_Online-21


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