My baby sister got engaged!

Trying to think of the words to go with this images has been hard. I have so many stories and memories that it was hard to keep the words simple.

My sister is the other half of me. We look nothing alike but we are as close as close can be.
When she met David I knew he was different. He just clicked so easily within our family dynamics and it felt like he had been a part of us forever.

After a few months I saw David bought a suit. Yep so what you may be thinking. Lots of people buy suits.
Yes they do, but my intuition was on high alert and it turned out I was right! 😀
Having a quiet drink outside one day, Shona ducked off so a quick conversation took place.
A proposal was happening in a few months and he wanted me there.
Totally for my photography skills rather than he actually likes my company haha.

Finally May came and off we headed to Sydney. Just the 3 of us.
I was a little worried about being a 3rd wheel but it never felt like that thank goodness.

We headed to the Q station at Manly. This is one of Shona and I most favourite places in the whole world. Well Australia at least as we haven’t been overseas yet!
It has amazing history and also a major haunted factor which is a big part of Shona and my lives.

To say I was freaking out on the inside was an understatement but I kept my calm and she didn’t seem to suspect anything. I had earlier checked out the location and the camera was on standby.
We were cooking dinner in the best Guest Lounge available on the property which is up at the Isolation Block. While she was cooking I ducked off to the ‘bathroom’ while David headed back from our room to her.
I grabbed my camera, ran over the other side of the accomodation block we were staying in, climbed a verandah rail and held my breath.

You know on Looney Tunes when one of the cartoon charachters falls in love and their heart is beating outside their chest? That was me. I could feel my heart trying to bust out of my chest from excitement/nerves/freaking out and more!
But I got the shots and I am so happy to have been a part of it. She said YES and had no idea what we had been planning.
She didn’t know I was hiding with the camera either so it worked out perfectly.

After dinner and a few phone calls we had a quick photoshoot around the Q station wharf area. Photos in between champagne, lots of laughs and ‘OMG look at my ring!’.
Next day on sunset we walked around and did a few more photos.

The Quarantine Station at Manly is absolutely amazing. You must check it out if you like history, peace & quiet, nature and if you like the paranormal then make sure you check it out.

Many, many congratulations again Shona and David. I love you guys so very much.
Maybe not so much as the wedding gets closer and this wedding planner melts down but now I love you lots! Haha

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