My Beautiful Mother in Law making aware that age is just a number

Recently we had a fire and many items in storage were burnt.
Going through the remains we are thankful on finding several photo albums that we managed to salvage photos from.
1 of these albums contained my Mother in Laws wedding photos. They are old school beautiful and I am very happy some of them survived so I can share with my children.
Apart from my Mummy, my Mother in Law is one of the most beautiful people I know.
I love talking to her and listening to her speak about how she met her first husband, their wedding day, the births and childhood of her 6 children and more.
My husbands father passed over 10 years ago so I never got to meet him, but I feel I know him through her stories.
Last year this lovely lady turned 80.
I was a little scared but I gained the courage to ask if I could photograph her. Happily she said yes and we had a lovely time.
Earlier this year I printed her images and gifted them to her in a presentation folio box.
She loved them. She was so happy and after being sick with the flu she was grateful to have a reminder that she is a beautiful person.
Beauty does not have a number. Remind your mother and your mothers mother of this.
They are amazing in themselves and should not forget this.
Now I just need to convince my mum to let me photograph her and I will be happy.

WEBSITE: Captured by Carley
INSTAGRAM: Captured by Carley Instagram


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