Miss R – Pre Surgery Glamour Goddess

Tonight’s reveal is Miss R ❤

Upcoming surgery had her feeling a little uneasy and she jumped at the chance to have a Beauty session.

She wanted to have a fun new experience and with spinal surgery looming she wanted to capture herself as she was, at that moment, before she had new scars to show her journey.

We met over coffee to discuss her movement limits were soon chatting about tutus and cowboy boots and grinning like excited school girls 😀

She was a little worried about posing due to her back but she thanked myself and my team for being sensitive to her needs and making it a fun and relaxed session.

She recently received her Folio box of printed images and I received the most beautiful message:
“I’ve been feeling empowered beautiful and proud! I so grateful for the opportunity! And you and your team are wildly beautifully talented. I’m so glad I had the glam session with you before my epic surgery. To see these beautiful images of me makes me feel happy and confident. It’s the best thing to see after an epic journey”

This is why I love what I do. I want to show all you lovely ladies out there you are amazing. You just need a little help to see it for yourself ❤

MAKE UP Make Up and Lash Extentions by Sarah
HAIR Pull My Hair – HAIR Design

Captured by Carley Website
Captured by Carley Facebook
Captured by Carley Instagram



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