Mum of 2 Boudoir Babe {Maclean Glamour Photographer}

Miss M came to me as she wanted to see if she could discover some self love after having 2 children. Most days she was feeling pretty meh about what she saw in the mirror and wanted to see if I could show her another side of herself. Her biggest fear was that she didn’t think the camera could show her anything different to what she sees everyday but she was willing to give it a go. She also asked if we could incorporate her wedding dress into the session somehow and who knew a wedding dress could be so sexy! In between having her professional makeover and then giggling together while I directed her through poses we created beautiful images together. Having this experience was so much fun and gave her the confidence boost she needed. Now she has prints she can hold and remind herself she is pretty amazing even if she doesn’t feel like it right that second. Hot mama is in there somewhere!
Hair & Make Up by Pull My Hair – HAIR Design

Captured by Carley Website
Captured by Carley Facebook
Captured by Carley Instagram


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