My Scar Creation

The uncertainty was almost overwhelming.
I had thought about this idea for so long, the fact that it was in the process of being created was hard to fathom.
My model was amazing. Having her trust in me to create something womderful from a part of her that she avoids was both inspiring and hard.
I transform woman with my work. They come in nervous and scared and slowly I coax them into reveally themselves and I capture this.
This new creation while still transforming my client it wasn’t the traditional ‘beautiful’ that my main body of work entails.
This has confused and excited me at the same time.
I have the RAW images and now it is time to put them together.
Will it look like I have always imagined?
I guess time will tell……


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The Power of Print

During my trip to The Portrait Masters in America I had the opportunity to have 1 of my images printed for me.
Yeah, yeah you’re probably thinking, so what you have images printed all the time…. True, but this time I got to actually see my image be printed.
After years of doing what I do I have never actually got to see any of my work print in front of me.
I waited in line for an hour waiting for my image. Each print that came out, I held my breathe for the first few minutes to see if it was mine. 
As my image started to appear in front of me I was overwhelmed with emotion.
Something I captured and created was coming to life in front of me.
Nothing beats having something physical to hold in your hands. And this is why I offer my client beautiful pieces of art created from their images.
Something you can look at every day and remember that even though today might be a ‘PJ all day just to survive day’ you are still fricken amazing! 😍

Captured by Carley Website
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Creating Impact in my Work

I love my work but had reached a stage of wondering what else I can do to make it even better.
Listening to the speakers of Lindsay Adler and Kelly Brown recently, I realised I need to create impact and follow my intuition with emotion.
I am the type of person that loves that 1 **BAM** image. I love the idea of a photo-shoot created just for me that will result in an image that blows me away.

Since coming home my brain has been working overtime and have managed to finalise an idea I have been working on for years.
I have a lot of fear and trepidation as this creative work will be a lot of my soul in it as well as the lady involved. There will be tears and lots of laughter and in the end no matter the outcome I can rest knowing I did something for her and myself.

Be sure to check in (Facebook and Instagram)over the next week to see the progress of my idea becoming reality.

‘ 90% Therapist, 10% Photographer’
– Peter Hurley