My Time in Front of the Camera

Tonight I am peeling back the layers of me and sharing my experience of being in front of the camera.
In July at a Photographers Retreat, I had the chance to have my hair and make-up done and be photographed by some wonderful photographers.

While I know how to pose and move my clients it is a whole different ball game being on the other side.
I have no idea what I look like, so had to give all my trust in the photographer that they would know what to do to bring out the best in me.

I stretched and moved in unnatural ways and even had a quivering lip trying to not crack up laughing in every photo so I understand what you ladies go through a lot better!

In the end I have some wonderful images to remember this time. Each photographer was different in the way they work and the editing of the final product.

If you are choosing a photographer please make sure to chat with them and have a good look through their images to make sure you like the style and editing of their work. Each photographers work is unique to them so if you like what you see it will make the experience a lot more fun for you all 🙂

Make Up There She Glows
Hair Pull My Hair – HAIR Design 

Big THANK YOU to the amazing photographers that captured these images.
Image #2 – Lifetime Stories Photography

Image #3 – Drasilah Enchanted Photography
Image #4 – Sumico Photography
Image #5 –  Signature Style Photography

Captured by Carley Website
Captured by Carley Facebook
Captured by Carley Instagram


Mother & Daughter Time {Clarence Valley Photographer}

Earlier this year, these lovely ladies won 1st prize in a raffle with Lower Clarence Netball Association
Myself, Nardeen from Hair on the Channel and Sarah from There She Glows gifted the full Photo-shoot experience as first prize.
I know there were a couple of nerves when walking in but together they had lots of fun and now they have beautiful images to remember this time together 


My Scar Creation

The uncertainty was almost overwhelming.
I had thought about this idea for so long, the fact that it was in the process of being created was hard to fathom.
My model was amazing. Having her trust in me to create something womderful from a part of her that she avoids was both inspiring and hard.
I transform woman with my work. They come in nervous and scared and slowly I coax them into reveally themselves and I capture this.
This new creation while still transforming my client it wasn’t the traditional ‘beautiful’ that my main body of work entails.
This has confused and excited me at the same time.
I have the RAW images and now it is time to put them together.
Will it look like I have always imagined?
I guess time will tell……


Captured by Carley Website
Captured by Carley Facebook
Captured by Carley Instagram